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Alith joins in #ESOFamAgainstWar march 

On 27-2-22 Alith legion joined in on the march agains the war in Ukraine. 
Many guildies showed up, even filling the main campain and moving on towards the backup. 
Below are some screenshots, they are impressive but not as impressive as the event itself. 

Alith 1
We started our walk at the north gate and when we met up with the AD and DC factions near Ash keep we all got goosebumps. 
The sheer amount of people showing up to pay their respects and show that we're against this war was amazing. 

Alith 2

Alith 3

Alith 4

Thanks to all who came out and we can only say our toughts and prayers are with the Ukraine people even more our fellow guildies. 

Rainbow & The Alith Legion Officers