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Myself and a few of our amazingly generous members are working towards the dream of a proper guildhall and the results of our deep pockets and hard work can be seen below. All Alith Legion Members can access our unofficial guildhall, you simplying right clicking on my ESO ID @garethsarge in the guild roster then click "visit primary residence". 

As you will see our unofficial guildhall is filled with a plethora of very useful items including some that may otherwise not be accessible if you don't have the DLCs yet - The heading to this article will take you to a google sheet with all the details of the items avalible for use.


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  1. All Mundus Stones
  2. Target Dummies
  3. Merchants
  4. All Craftable Sets & Transmute Stations 
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Lets hope in the not too distant future Zos will give us our dream of a proper guildhall and I will ensure every piece of donated and purchased equipment is transferred to our official guildhall.
Keep being awesome Alith :)
Gareth & The Alith Legion Officers