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Elder Scrolls Online Scalebreaker & Update 23 Releases August 12th
 Update 23

The rage of Dragons threatens beyond Elsweyr, and all-new Season of the Dragon adventures await Tamriel’s heroes! Learn about the upcoming Scalebreaker DLC and Update 23 base-game patch.

The Scalebreaker DLC game pack is coming soon to the in-game Crown Store and ESO Plus members (who will enjoy free access). This new DLC features two challenging new PvE dungeons: Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok.

Update 23 arrives alongside the new dungeon pack and brings a host of quality-of-life improvements for ALL ESO players (no purchase or ESO Plus membership required), including updates to Battlegrounds maps, multi-crafting, multi-Guild Trader bidding, a revamp to Undaunted keys and rewards, and more!


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