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Here in Alith Legion our desire is for us to have a guild where all members can enjoy the game to the max. It's important to us that we have a positive, mature atmosphere where members can have fun, relax and express themselves without worry or fear of breaking "guild rules". We want to maintain our environment as a place where players respect each other, are courteous, supportive and don't create a negative atmosphere. It is also important for us to build a positive reputation with the outside community - we want to be the guild that everybody wants to join! In order to achieve this, we feel there needs to be positive standards set for all of us to uphold. We have set out some behaviour guidelines for us all to follow which will ensure we continue to be the best guild we can be.

Guild Chat / Public Chat Etiquette

  • Guild members should all be mindful & respectful of others when chatting in guild chat.  This includes avoiding inappropriate conversations or sensitive subjects which could make others feel uncomfortable or offended.  (Including but not limited to topics of a sexual nature, strong language, religious / political views, etc)
  • Guild Chat and Public Chat channels must NOT be used to express insults and negative opinions regarding other players in the game and their guilds. This puts Alith Legion in a negative light and damages our reputation as a guild.
  • Members should not participate in or instigate arguments with other players within public chat channels.
  • Members should be polite and courteous with each other at all times. Mistakes do happen and all members should be patient / understanding in these events. Insulting, name calling or being generally rude to others will not be tolerated.
  • Racist, abusive or offensive remarks made to fellow guild mates will not be tolerated and could result in removal from the guild.
  • Dissatisfaction with another player or guild should be discussed privately and any complaints wished to be raised must be sent privately to an officer or our guild leader to deal with.
  • Although healthy debates are welcomed, arguments between guild members should be discussed in private and not publicly or in guild chat.
  • Bullying behaviour or ganging up on members will not be tolerated.
  • Messages that put Alith Legion in a negative light should not be posted on public or guild chat channels.
  • Consistent behaviour of encouraging or driving conflict, tension and negativity within the guild, will not be tolerated.  We expect our community to help to defuse disagreements, and reach friendly, respectful compromise, not add fuel to fires.
  • Finally, all members understand that Alith Legion is an English Speaking Guild and therefore any conversations in alternate languages must please be kept away from guild chat and conducted in private channels. This is to prevent 'cliques' or 'groups' from forming and promote a feeling that we are all one family speaking the same language - while ensuring that nobody feels left out.

Additionally, in order to join Alith Legion, you must be 16 years or over in Age.  You will need to confirm this upon applying to join the guild.


Discord Etiquette

  • All rules listed in guild chat / public chat etiquette apply in Discord.
  • The Alith Legion Discord Server may be used while playing other games, but this rule may change in the future.
  • The Alith Legion Discord server is only to be used by Alith Legion guild members, unless authorized temporarily by an officer.
  • Discord server settings and passwords are strictly not to be shared with players outside Alith Legion, unless authorized by an officer.
  • Discord Group Channel rooms can be used for private discussions including settling arguments / disputes.
  • During some large guild raids / events, Discord silence may be requested. During those times only the guild officers or raid leader should communicate to members via Discord. Guild Chat can be used to communicate between members and any suggestions / advice / contribution towards the raid can also be done through a private whisper to the raid / event leader.
  • We encourage opinions / advice during raids, but to maintain order in Discord this needs to be done in a private whispers.
  • Members should always be courteous and polite within Discord. Speaking over others deliberately and repeatedly, is not acceptable.

Member Activity

  • Members who have been inactive within the game for a period of 1 month may be removed from the guild. When the guild reaches maximum capacity, this period could be reduced to a limit of 7 days, should there be a waiting list of members wanting to join the guild.
  • Any long periods of absence due to unavoidable real life situations, members should contact an officer and make them aware as to prevent being removed from the guild.
  • Where possible, guild events will commence at the time stated in the event calendar and signed up members must make every effort to be punctual. If you are late, the group may have replaced you. Please don't take offence as this is just to avoid the entire group from being delayed, nothing personal will be intended.

Guild Ranking System

  • Member
  • Senior Member
  • Recruitment Champion
  • PvE Raid Leader
  • PvP Raid Leader
  • Guild Champion
  • Guild Officer
  • Deputy Leader
  • Guild Master


All players who join Alith Legion are immediately given the rank "Member". This is the starting rank upon joining the guild.

Senior Members

  • In Alith Legion we recognise our long serving members by promoting them to "Senior Member" rank based on length of time with the guild.
  • The Senior Member rank is designed to encourage, promote and recognise loyalty and longevity in the guild.
  • Members are automatically promoted to "Senior Member" rank once they have been in the guild for a period of six months, provided they are deemed "Active Members" and not long term inactive.
  • We review all our members length of service on a quarterly basis (roughly) at which point we will carry out any due Senior Member promotions.
  • Length of service in the guild will be based on the members registration date on our website. If a "Senior Member" leaves the guild without plans to return, they lose their rank. If they re-join the guild at a later date they will start from "Member" rank again.
  • If a "Senior Member" is removed from the guild due to inactivity and then returns at a later date, they will start over from "Member" rank but can re-claim their senior member rank after one month.
  • If a "Senior Member" leaves temporarily with intention to return, and they have communicated this with an officer prior to going on leave, they will not be reduced to "Member".
  • Members do not receive any additional responsibility or authority, once they reach "Senior Member" status. They are however recognised as long serving, experienced players who we hope will use their experience to help newer players where they need advice or tips on playing ESO, as well as making them feel welcomed in the guild.

Raid Leaders

  • Raid Leaders are responsible for forming, organising and leading large guild raid events (raids consisting of more than 4 players).  This includes our Alith Legion Academy Learning Raids.
  • Raid Leaders will schedule a variety of Raid Events (both PvP and PvE) through use of our site event calendar. Please see our Legion Raids section above for more details.
  • All members are welcome to sign up for Raid Events, by registering their attendance using our site event calendar.
  • Members who have signed up for the event will be given priority, followed by those signed up as reserves, and if still short, then the opening will be advertised in guild chat and anyone is welcome to fill the slot.
  • Please show them your support and due respect by listening to their instructions during raids to give everyone their best chances of success.
  • Guild raids will generally be led by either Officers or Raid Leaders (or both). Should there be NO Raid Leaders / Officers online, Senior Members may step up to lead the raid. Normal Members may of course lead raids too if there is nobody else available.
  • Please ensure to enforce and respect our guild rules during these events.
  • Members should contact the Raid Leader or Officer for an invitation into the raid event.
  • Raid Leaders are only appointed through an interview / recruitment process. These vacancies will be advertised in the forum when they come up and members will have the opportunity to apply for the role.

Guild Officers

  • Guild Officers are responsible for the general supervision, management and support of the guild and its members.
  • Guild Officers are involved and responsible for a wide range of guild operations, including recruitment, organising guild events, website administration, disciplinary action, and much more.
  • Guild Officers are there for you, the members – so feel free to contact an officer if you ever need any advice, assistance or guidance in the guild and they will help wherever possible.
  • Guild Officers are responsible for ensuring that Alith Legion's rules and values are respected and adhered to. They maintain peace and harmony within the guild, and will step in to resolve disputes, disagreements or other kinds of disruption that may occur within the guild.
  • We strongly advise that you contact and speak with our officers, in private, should you ever have a grievance or concern you wish to raise.
  • If you ever have any new ideas or suggestions, again please contact an officer.
  • Please show due respect to our guild officers – they perform a lot of hard work to help keep this guild running smoothly, sacrificing many hours of their game time, and they do this purely out of their love for the guild.
  • Officers decisions on matters are final, any abuse or lack of respect shown towards our officers will not be tolerated.
  • Guild Officers are only appointed through an interview / recruitment process. These vacancies will be advertised in the forum when they come up and members will have the opportunity to apply for the role.
  • Please be aware that Officers out-rank Raid Leaders and Dungeon Mentors, and therefore may sometimes assist with performing duties in both those roles from time to time.

We may introduce new ranks later on as we progress in ESO.

Guild Bank

  • Alith Legion members enjoy a free open guild bank in ESO.  This means that all members are able to access items from the bank (withdraw) and be able to donate (deposit) items OR gold into the bank too.
  • It's not required for members to donate gold to the guild bank, but any gold donated will be used 100% on guild expenses such as event prizes, bidding on guild stores in game, etc.
  • Members are totally free to decide whether they want to donate items or gold to the guild bank, or sell on the guild store.  It's your items, and your choice to do with them as you please.  You should not feel pressured to do either, the choice is yours.
  • We would encourage members to only withdraw gear items, that are the correct level for your character, and that you intend to wear as an upgrade.  Please do not withdraw items from the guild bank if you do not intend to use it as an upgrade (i.e. not sell it or trade it etc).
  • You should not use the Guild Bank to store your own personal items. Anything that goes into the Guild Bank is donated to the guild and you risk losing those items.
  • You should not store an item in the Guild Bank that you intend to leave for a specific person. Rather post it through in game mail or trade it privately with the player because it can be hard to keep track and the item may be withdrawn by another member.
  • The Guild Bank works on a first come, first serve basis. You may not 'reserve' items.
  • Gear should be taken out for personal use and not to be destroyed for use as crafting material. Exceptions to this are intricate items or white glyphs (which can be deconstructed), gear for personal stickerbook collections (which can be bound and/or deconstructed), or items placed in deliberately for research, such as level 1 white items with traits.
  • Officers may occasionally withdraw very low value (white) "junk" items, in order to free up space in the guild.  Should this happen, we will vendor the white items, and the funds will be stored in the guild bank to be used for guild event prizes and other guild expenses.

The guild officers will take care of ensuring the guild bank is kept tidy. Please refrain from "cleaning the guild bank" on our behalf.  We appreciate that some of you would like to assist with this, but this has caused us problems in the past where we aren't able to easily identify occasions where members are "organising" the bank for us, or abusing the bank.  We would ask that you allow the officers to keep the bank organised / tiday,  and also avoid withdrawing items "in bulk".  We trust all members to use the bank responsibly and to apply common sense.  Feel free to take items that you need, and feel free to donate useful items in return - but please do not abuse the bank. 


Alith Legion Guild Store

  • All members are granted immediate access to the Alith Legion Guild Store upon joining the guild.
  • All members are free to sell whatever items they wish to.
  • All members are free to sell their items at whatever price they wish to.
  • Members are free to negotiate on prices should they wish to.
  • Members are free to decide which items they wish to sell on the guild store, and which items they wish to donate to the guild bank.  No pressure either way.
  • We would remind all members though, that an active guild store is beneficial for all - so please do not be shy to sell your wares on the store.  Effectively, our guild store will act as our "Auction House", as it's your primary means of trading, please feel free to use it and do not feel pressured to donate items to the bank. 
  • In fact, it's recommended that you sell your higher value items on the store, rather than donating to the bank (since the bank does have it's risks).  But again, it's totally your choice.

Guild Recruitment

  • All players wishing to join Alith Legion are required to complete an application form through our website, as well as registering to the site.
  • Please ensure to read through our rules section (this page) prior to applying to make sure the guild matches what you're looking for.
  • Upon registering and completing the application form, applicants will be contacted by an officer via email with the outcome – this process can take up to 48 hours to complete so please be patient while we review the application.
  • Your outcome email will provide you with further details and instructions.

Guild Grouping Priority / Team Work

  • When planning an instance run or group session, all members are expected to form their group with fellow Alith Legion guild members as a first priority.
  • If there are not sufficient guild members online or guild members are unavailable at the time, then members may resort to pug groups (groups with non-guild members). This is to encourage the guild to help each other wherever possible.
  • If you have already joined a "Non Alith Legion" party, or pug group, and are advertising in Alith Legion Guild Chat to fill the vacant slots - we would ask that you make that clear to begin with.  This is to ensure that whoever joins your group understands it's NOT an Alith Legion guild group, before they join. 
  • Alith Legion are not responsible for any bad experiences you have with "Non Alith Legion" groups, this includes interaction with guilds in non-Alith Legion ventrilo, team speak, skype etc... channels.  We would encourage you to be cautious when joining non-Alith Legion voice chat servers, as you never know what you will find there - nobody should feel pressured to join ANY ventrilo / team speak servers, that choice is always yours, and if you join non-Alith Legion channels, you do so at your own risk.
  • Rage Quitting guild instance runs is not acceptable. Any conflict between members must be dealt with in private and if you have started an instance run with guild mates, please ensure that you finish it (and have time to complete it).
  • We appreciate that things in real life may come up on occasion which cannot be avoided, however quitting a group mid-way through instance because you are upset with another player or haven't got the groups consent to leave, will not be acceptable behaviour as it is unfair on the remaining members of the group.
  • All Alith Legion members are welcome to make use of our Discord Server to assist with communication during dungeon runs. A guide to setting up Discord is located on the main menu of our website.
  • We strongly recommend that guild members discuss and agree on roles, and any "special" looting arrangements prior to the run starting – this is to avoid any conflicts / confusion during the run.
  • Please read our Raid Leader rules sections.
  • We expect that all guild runs and raids will be conducted on a friendly basis and in a patient and relaxed manner. Alith Legion members are not to be made to feel inadequate on guild runs or put under pressure in any way and under any circumstances. Our ethos is to encourage, help and have fun and is at the core of our principles.


Live Streaming & Recording

As a guild, we'd like to invite & encourage you all to feel free to Live Stream / Record your adventures with Alith Legion. As a guild, we don't want to impose loads of rules / regulations, but we would ask you all to adhere to & respect a few basic common courtesy guidelines.

When wishing to Live Stream or Record a guild PvP, PvE or Social event (including raids, dungeons, group activities, etc):

1. Please inform all participants in Discord that you wish to Live Stream or Record the event - and ask if anyone has any objections for you to proceed.
2. For those participants who aren't in Discord - please inform them in group / raid chat.
3. In the event one or more people in the group does not feel comfortable to be live streamed, please do not continue with the stream / recording.
4. Please ensure that Guild Chat is not visible in the stream / recording - if you wish to include Group / Raid chat - again please check that there are no objections first.
5. In addition we have learned that most streaming software/hosting allows a 5 -10 minute delay of the live stream and we would request that this should be in place for PvP streaming where possible.


Guild Loot Rules (Dungeons / Raids)

  • In ESO Dungeons, loot drops are "instanced" to players.  This means that when bosses / mobs are killed in the dungeon, the game automatically issues everyone with loot.  There is no dice rolling system, and everyone gets loot from each boss killed.
  • We are happy for members to simply collect dropped loot, through the built in game loot distribution system.
  • ESO Dungeons contain chests, which also contain loot.  Chests automatically distribute loot to the group, so everyone will receive a share of the loot automatically once someone opens the chest.
  • ESO Dungeons also have "Heavy Sacks".  These are instanced to players, so everyone may loot the same sack and everyone has a chance to receive loot from them.
  • At the end of the dungeon run, should any members wish to donate or trade items they have collected with each other, then we encourage members to do so.  We're happy for members to swap items with each other, and we have confirmed that dropped loot is bind on equip, and you may trade inside dungeons (or outside).
  • Above all, please always remain mature, courteous and respectful with each other.  The last thing we want is fights / arguments over loot in the guild, so please can everyone take a responsible approach when it comes to looting in ESO


Alts and Characters

  • In ESO, all players join player guilds with their "Account" rather than a "Character".
  • This means that you are able to join a guild, with ALL your characters, but only take up 1 slot in the guild roster – hooray!
  • To confirm, you may be a member of Alith Legion with as many "Characters" as you like, on one account.
  • As Alith Legion is an Ebonheart Pact guild, we strongly recommend joining our guild with a character located on the Ebonheart Pact faction (particularly for PvP purposes). We will however accept players from other factions.

Guild Awards (medal system)

Please visit our guild awards section via our main menu for details on our awards system.

Forum Rules

The forum is designed for guild members to converse, exchange ideas and knowledge about the game. We encourage open and honest discussions around any topics you wish, with very few exceptions. The forum is there for your enjoyment and the benefit of everyone. It's a vital tool to keep us all close and connected and allows us to help each other and share our experiences. Although we recognise the Forum is a huge positive for us, it is not without its risks. We want to ensure that the forum remains a positive tool and is not mis-used to a point where it is a detriment to Alith Legion and its great reputation. For this reason, it's in all our best interests to have a few house rules to prevent the forum being used for the wrong reasons. Please appreciate and respect the rules below - we expect all users to follow this.

  • The forum must NOT be used to express derogatory opinions regarding other players in the game and their guilds. In other words please don't use the forum for "slagging" other players / guilds off. This puts Alith Legion in a negative light and discourages others from using the forum.
  • Please refrain from posting images of a pornographic nature. In other words, no porno please.
  • Officers will remove images or content which may be deemed to cause offence to other members. Please post responsibly.
  • Please refrain from posting images or content which could cause offense to other members.
  • Although healthy debates are welcomed, any disagreements that escalate into full blown arguments should be taken away from the forum and settled in private conversations.
  • We do not accept any bullying or ganging up on others within the guild or the forum.
  • Please do not use the guild for commercial use. This includes advertising services which involve the exchange of funds. Social Events outside of the game you are organising and wish to invite guild members is acceptable.
  • Please ensure that you mark any threads in the forum, which contain content which may not be suitable for work or under aged players, with "NSFW". This should be entered in front of the "Subject" of the thread. An example would be content which has strong language or images suitable for adults only (non-pornographic and non-offensive).
  • You may only use this forum if you are a member of the Alith Legion Guild.


Discord Rules

Alith Legion are pleased to invite all members to join us on our official Discord server.

Discord is a social communication tool which gives our community the ability to chat, share pictures, videos, website links, and such, in real time (outside of the game). Discord is primarily a PC / Mac desktop application, but also has a mobile device version and browser based version as well. Discord also allows guild members to keep in touch with their fellow guildies and friends, even when not online in the game (through chat rooms and a friends list). All Alith Legionians are welcomed to join the Alith Legion Server, and are welcomed to join in the chit chat in the communal channels, as well as communicating with each other privately.

Alith Legion uses Discord as our official voice communication platform.

If you have not yet, please read our full briefing for Discord here.

  • All guild rules regarding etiquette and behaviour towards one another, applies to our Discord chat channels
  • All guild Forum, Discord and Facebook rules, applies to our Discord chat channels
  • Please visit our rules section to read all details regarding the above
  • To join the Alith Legion Discord Server, you will need to click on the Invitation link located here. If your Discord name is the same or very close to your ESO name, we will automatically activate your Discord account. If not, please ensure to add your Discord name to your Forum Profile here on our website, and then contact an Officer to inform us so that we can recognise you on Discord
  • When advertising for group members in Discord, members must ensure to post their advert in Guild Chat as well. This is to ensure that non-Discord users do not miss out on opportunities to join groups, and also to ensure that in-game guild chat isn't negatively impacted.
  • While we welcome any chit chat and discussions in Discord, all important guild news, updates, and official discussions will continue to be raised in the Forum. Links to those forum threads may be posted in Discord to direct members to the forum to join in those important discussions. (Much like what is done currently on Facebook).
  • The Alith Legion Discord server is for use by current Alith Legion members only. Any members who leave the guild, or are removed, will be automatically removed from the Discord server.
  • Alith Legionians using Discord, DO have permission to send "Discord Invites" to other Alith Legionians who have not yet joined Discord. A guild officer will have to approve the user before they can have access to the server however. Please ask if you would like to learn how to send "Discord Invites".
  • Alith Legionians are welcomed to add their friends from Alith Legion to their friends list in Discord and are welcomed to use all chat features of Discord
  • Alith Legionians may also use Discord to contact any of the Alith Legion Management team directly, even when they are not online in game.
  • Alith Legionians should not use the Alith Legion server to post recruitment adverts for other guilds, and should not post invitations to other guilds Discord servers in the communal channels.


Alith Legion Facebook Group Rules

  • All Alith Legion guild and forum rules, apply in our Facebook group.
  • Only members who are current existing members of Alith Legion, registered on our site, are permitted to join our Facebook group.
  • Members should refrain from posting any comments which could portray Alith Legion in a negative light - any concerns Members have they should contact an Officer to discuss.
  • Members should always prioritise our guild forum when wanting to raise discussions regarding the guild - this is to ensure that those who have chosen not to sign up to the facebook group, also get a chance to contribute to the discussion and avoid a "Them and Us" scenario.
  • We want our Facebook group to promote and boost activity on our guild site, not detract / damage the activity there - so wherever possible please do post links to various discussions / threads in our forum.  We don't want our Facebook group, in effect to replace our forum, because we want to maintain ONE united community, and not create a divide between those on Facebook and those not in Facebook.
  • Only Alith Legion Members will have access to post to the Alith Legion Facebook Wall.
  • Only Alith Legion Members will have access to joining the Facebook group, and while content in the group will be visible to the public - the public will not be able to post.  This way we will be able to share guild news / updates with the outside world.  The Public will still NOT be able to comment on these posts - it will simply work as a news stream to the outside world.
  • Please remember, that like our Forum rules, posting pictures / content on our Facebook page which could cause offensive to others or paint us in negative light, is prohibited.
  • To join the Alith Legion Facebook Group, members must apply via our website using the "Join Facebook Group" menu.  Once you have provided us with your details, a guild officer will arrange to invite you (or accept you) into our Facebook Group.  This is the only way to join the group.
  • Upon leaving Alith Legion (the guild) you will be removed from the Facebook Group.