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Essential trading addons malfunctioning

15 Sep 2020 22:13
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Essential trading addons malfunctioning #124881
Having recently rejoined the game, I promptly downloaded two old friends via Minion without which trading becomes almost impossible - namely, Tamriel Trade Center and Master Merchant. Unfortunately, both are malfunctioning seriously on my Mac, and I am baffled as to what I can do about it. I have the latest versions in both cases, and all the associated Library files ticked. When I first log on, I see an error message to the effect that "Item lookup table is missing. You need to run Client.exe under [...] before starting the game to make TTC work properly". However, leaving the game, clicking on Client.exe as requested and then logging back on does nothing; the error message still appears.

When dealing with the Guild Store, the Master Merchant - Your Info screen appears, but the information shown is completely screwy; of the 35-odd items sold in the last two weeks, it shows precisely four - three sold 26 days ago, and one sold 24 hours ago. The others have vanished. Finally, when looking for a suggested price before selling an item, the Master Merchant grid overlay showing prices appears for some items - but not for others (the majority).

I would be very grateful for any advice on how to make these two plugins behave!

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