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27 Jun 2018 10:32
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Murkmire #117171
Not to be confused with Murkwood.
Murkmire is an upcoming region in The Elder Scrolls Online. It will be situated south of Shadowfen in western Black Marsh and will be a neutral zone. The region will have different breeds of Argonian and different creatures, including the little-known Naga.[1] It will be released as part of its own DLC in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The vicinity of the region's city Gideon was once considered Kothringi homeland, until the race was wiped out by the Knahaten Flu in 2E 560.
A trade deal was brokered between Gideon and Leyawiin in 2E 582 to open a trade route between the two cities, though they are often closed during the monsoon seasons.
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18 Feb 2019 09:21
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Murkmire #121122
I really like the nature of Murkmire, with all of the ponds and puddles, and hanging trees. I often travel through Murkmire horseless and sneaking, cause it's easy to sometimes rush through elder scrolls without paying much attention to the beauty of the environments.
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