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Aqiil Stamina Templar PVE DPS (Stone thorn DLC)

30 Oct 2020 18:05
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Aqiil Stamina Templar PVE DPS (Stone thorn DLC) #125006
Race Options:
Best to worse

Dark Elf

Every Race works, However will be loosing dps with races that do not benefit Stamina based builds.

Mundus Stone:



Take all class passives
Take all medium armour passives
Take all weapon passives (bow, duel weild, ect)
Take all Undaunted passives
Take Juggernaut passive in heavy armour
Take Fighters Guild Passives
Take Medicinal use passive (very important)

Must have skills:

Class specific AOE's/Executes/Buffs
Endless Hail ( Strong with maelstrom bow)
Posion Injection ( Strong with Masters Bow- Decent DOT without)
Elude ( form of major evasion)
Vigour (Self Heal)
Brawler ( OP with masters two H for trash)
Barbed Trap (Minor Force)

Gear Setups:

Single Target: Selene, Relequen, Deadly/ Advancing Yokeda

For fights where there is multiple targets or high boss movement where relequen stacks cant be kept up:

Skill Setups:

Can see in the gear images there is ALOT of flex spots. Stamplar dps is probably the easiest and most simple one. You open with ballista, cast endless hail to proc the enchant, (ritual if there is more than one target), barbed trap, then spam jabs until hail needs to be re cast. then flawless dawnbreaker as your ult from then on. Thats it. This provies SOOOO much dps its a bit silly.

So outside these skill, the rest are flex spots. we load the front bar with fighters guild abilities to passively incrase our wep damage ( can oush 7k with raid buffs) then same for the back bar use whatever you want.

Elude is nice to have for major evasion in raids, self heal, the run for sustain.



A few parses to shown the potential of stamina templar or the power of jabs really because thats most of what it is:

Sadly i dont have many parses from stamplar but rest assured the dps is very very good and very simple.
The hardest thing with stamplar is learning to jab very quick, animation is like 1.5 seconds but you can interupt it around 1 second and get a lot more jabs in.

If anyone wants to know cp can message me or reply to the post. CP varies on the group
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