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Aqiil Magicka NightBlade PVE DPS (Stone thorn DLC) OUT DATED!!!!!

30 Oct 2020 16:22
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Aqiil Magicka NightBlade PVE DPS (Stone thorn DLC) OUT DATED!!!!! #125005
Race Options:
Best to worse

High Elf
Dark Elf
Breton ( I play breton )

Every Race works, However will be loosing dps with races that do not benefit magicka based builds.

Mundus Stone:



Take all class passives
Take all light armour passives
Take all destro staff passives
Take all Undaunted passives
Take Juggernaut passive in heavy armour
Take Fighters Guild Passives
Take Psjiic order passives
Take Medicinal use passive (very important)

Must have skills ( Non class specific)

Elementral Rage ( Destro Ult)
Force Pulse/Crushing shocK ( Force for damage, crushing when interupt needed)
Destrucitve Clench
Elementrail Drain ( Some scenarios)
Elemental Ring
Mystic Orb (Undaunted)
Minor Force ( trap or channled)
Elemental weapon ( Psjic spammable)
Evil Hunter (FG)

Gear Setups:

Sinle Target Setup- Maw of the infernal, Siroria, Mother sorrow

Siroria is best to be front barred, as this allows you to run mother sorrow on body which is static set and also allows you to control siroria circle proc better. however the dps difference between siroria front and body is barely a thing

For longer fights or more mobile fights you will get great results with False gods devotion with either mothers sorrow or medusa. medusa is very nice as it provides bar space for a shield or another damage skill or flex spot of your choice.

You would want to run medusa on rings/neck and body so you have minor force on both bars then use a false gods staff. i dont have a perfected false gods staff so i front bar it, still great damage regardless though.

Finally a trash setup, it is very important to have a trash setup for trials. there is nothing more painful than really really long trash fights. would highly recommenced investing into a trash setup. Here is a example of what i use however there are other options. feel free to ask for other options.

Feel free to message me about anything gear related these are examples of what i mostly use however can be adjusted with different skills for certain content, would be a really long list if i was to add each little one, please do ask.

Small thing to mention about siroria and false gods. with the changes to both you only need 2 or so stacks for it to out perform false gods. try use siroria where you can



when there is hollowfang and plenty of synergies can sustain the bi stat food


Red CP and Penetration CP will be group dependent and Trial Dependant

Example CP's

Example Blue:
66 ElfBorn
64 Elemental Expert
18 Spell erosion ( Group dependant)
66 Master at arms
56 Thaumaturge

Example Red:
72 Ironclad
25 spell shield
40 Thick skinned
24 Light armour focus
43 Elemental Defender
43 Hardy
23 Quick recovery

Example Green:
40 Warlord
16 Sprinter
16 Bashing Focus
75 Arcanist
43 tenacity
40 Tumbling
40 Shadow Ward

Rotation example

Before fight starts: Cast shade, merciless, siphon attacks, minro force buff

Destro ULT- wall-orb-path
swap bars
LA weave swallow until bow procs, cast soul harvest when up.
LA between every skill.

25 percent start using impale and can drop shade. keep wall, orb twisting up. start using soul harvest when all dots are applied so you can take advantage of imaple during this time

Now some proof that it actually does good dps and enough dps to clear all content, i am not the best player, more can be achieved but still get good results.

Triplets in vhof, using max aoe damage to nuke all at the same time:

Casual vAA run with alith last patch so more comparable to the buffs you can expect in a alith raid:

First boss in vhof:

If you want to know more please drop me a message in game or discord will be happy to help with anything further

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