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Guide of organised raiding in Flames of Ambition DLC.

11 Mar 2021 16:54
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Guide of organised raiding in Flames of Ambition DLC. #125597
Over the last few DLCs, Zenimax has made it clear that the future direction of raiding in ESO will revolve around everyone working together for the greater good, as such they have added a lot of sets that work well in large groups, even if their individual damage is much lower than some of the more self centred sets in the game offer.

This means that if we want to get the most out of a raid group we need to work together to make sure we have as many of these group oriented sets as we can. But before we start on that, a few things to mention:

1) Just because these “optimisation” are mathematically worth it, does not mean we need them... or will actually help us, it is much better to be comfortable with your gear than to force yourself to use meta set-ups.
2) There are a lot of variations (way to many to cover them all) So I will be cover the idea with some examples, but its worth talking to your teammates before every trial to see how much you can get sorted.
3) I will be talking about Front bar and back bar sets, these terms refer to whether we want a set always to work (Front bar) or we are okay for the set to only work on the back bar (Back bar sets). Ideally we don't want 2 front bar sets as that would mean we couldn't use an arena weapon.

Classes, roles and buffs

One of the most common mistakes is not having all the class buffs and skills available to your team,
you can miss out on a lot of buffs if you don't set your team up for success. Here is a list of what each class uniquely offers this patch (Flames of Ambition).

• Dragonknight:
- Minor brutality: 10% weapon damage
- Stone giant (stagger): Increase damage on every tick (tick meaning every time damage happens)
- Talons: AOE CC
- Engulfing flames: Up to 10% flame damage for the whole team
- Deep Breath: AOE interrupt

• Necromancer:
- Colossus: 10% damage taken AOE
- Unnerving Graveyard: AOE major breech
- Agony Totem: AOE minor vulnerability synergy (5% damage taken)
- Empowering Grasp: AOE Empower (Increased light and heavy attack damage)
- Reanimate: AOE instant resurrections

• Nightblade
- Minor savagery: 10% weapon crit chance
- Lotus fan: AOE Minor vulnerability
- Bolstering Darkness: AOE major protection (10% damage reduction)
- Sap essence: AOE minor cowardice (reduced damage, same as mending set)

• Sorcerer
- Minor Sorcery: 10% Spell damage
- Crystal weapon: 1000 Penetration
- Storm Atronach: Major Berserk (10% damage) Synergy
- Bolt escape: Dash, useful in high mobility fights (like vMoL back yard)

• Templar
- Minor Prophecy: 10% spell crit chance
- Spear shard: Targeted magika AND stamina synergy
- Nova: AOE major maim

• Warden

- Minor toughness: 10% max health increase for everyone healed
- Swarm: targeted 100% uptime minor vulnerability
- Falcon's swiftness: best solo movement speed skill.
- Enchanted growth: regen for health, stam AND magika for the whole raid
- Frost cloak: Major resolve (6k resistances) for the whole team
- Shimmering shield: Absorbs multiple resources

Some classes are hard to get their buffs out in certain rolls ( for example stam wardens have a hard time keeping toughness up), so we try to choose a role for the class that suits it. Here are some meta roles for each class.

• Dragonknight Tank: DK Tanks are very tanky and have a lot of CC
• Magika Dragonknight Support DD: We want engulfing flames in magika groups, and to get the most % damage increase we need it on a DD.
• Stamina Dragonknight Stagger DD: The only source of stagger is from Stone Giant and to get the highest uptime we would need a full time DD casting the skill as a spammable.

• Necromancer any role: Colossus is a VERY powerful ultimate, so we try to fit in as many necro's as we can into a raid.
• Ice/Ice Catalyst Necromancer: Necromancers are the only class that naturally has access to all the elemental damage types, making the the ideal candidate for the Catalyst set. Having them also use both bars as Ice bars gives a really good brittle uptime also.

• Nightblade DDs: Nightblades don't have a lot of utility, but have a lot of damage

• Sorcerer DDs: Sorcerers don't have a lot of utility, but do have a lot of damage.

• Templar Healers: Templars have very cheap and big heals, making them very easy to learn.

• Warden healers/tanks: Wardens have the most utility of any class, but the skills with utility are not damage skills, so we want the warden to be a healer or tank or both.

Building up a team

Now we have sets and classes sorted, its time to fit them all together. We will work with the traditional 2 tanks, 2 healer, 8 DDs, however, there are other combinations dependant on what the goal is.

Setup 1:Magika Maximum offence.
• Main Tank (Dragonknight): Yolnahkrin + Powerful Assault + Behemoth
• Off Tank (Warden*/Necromancer): Torug's Pact + Kinra's Wrath + Bloodspawn

• Group healer (Templar): Spellpower cure + Hollowfang (Both or Back bar)/Worm cult (Both bars)/Powerful Assault + Sentinel of Rkugamz
• Off/Second Healer (Warden): Roaring opportunist (Lightning back bar)+ Jorvuld's guidance+ Vatershan's/Master's resto staff + Symphony of Blades

• Support Z'enns bot (Dragonkight): Z'enns (Fire Back bar) + Elfbane/Martial Knowledge + Maelstrom fire staff + Grothdar/Encratis's Behemoth
• Support Catalyst and Ice staff* (Necromancer): Catalyst + Sirorias (Ice Back bar) + Maelstrom Ice staff + Lord Wardens

• Mag Necro: False gods + Siroria's (flame back bar)+ Maelstrom flame staff + Z'aans/Grothdar
• Mag Sorcerer: Mother's Sorrow + Siroria's (Flame back bar) + Maelstrom flame staff + Zaan's/Grothdar

• 6 Other Mag DDs: False God's/Mother's Sorrow + Siroria's (Flame back bar) + Maelstrom Flame staff + Zaan's/Grothdar

*You can run a double Ice staff Warden tank, if so you don't need Ice staffs on your necro support.

Our goal here is to maximise the buff uptimes on magika damage deals. Our healers are Templar (So we don't need a Magplar) and a warden (to get as many group wide buffs as we can without dropping damage). Out of the 3 elements the highest damage element is flame for single target fights (i.e. boss fights), So we want to have access to Z'enns, Engulfing flames and Encratis's Behemoth, fortunately these all fight on a MagDK, we then use the other 5 piece set as Elfbane (for ease and damage) or Martial Knowledge (for maximised group damage). We also want to make sure we have an Ice staff user, which we match up with catalyst so that we don't need to worry about wasting any more DPS. This works best on a necromancer so we can get a 2nd colossus. To finish up the classes we make sure we get 2 more necros (for optimal uptime), and a sorcerer. The other 4 DDs do not matter as we have the classes and sets we need.

Setup 2: Stamina Maximum offence
• Main Tank (Sorcerer): Yolnahkrin + Powerful Assault + Tremmorscale
• Double Ice staff Off Tank (Warden): Torug's Pact (Ice, Both bars (Ice, weakening and crusher enchants) or backbar (Crusher enchant))+ Hirceen's Veneer, Masters Ice Staff + Bloodspawn

• Group healer (Necromancer): Spellpower cure + Catalyst (lightning back bar) + vatershan resto staff + Sentinel of Rkugamz
• Off/Second Healer (Templar/Warden): Z'enns (Lightning Back Bar) + Martial Knowledge + Master Resto staff + Symphony of Blades

• Support Stam Alkosh (Dragonknight): Alkosh + Warmachine + Lord Warden's
• 2 Support Necros (Necromancer): Relequen + Warmachine + Selene's/Marrslock
• 1 Stamblade (Nightblade): Relequens + Advancing yokeda + Selene's/Marrslock

• 4 other Stamina DDs: Relequens + Advancing Yokeda + Selene's/Marrslock

The main issue with stamina raids is that we want access to magika sets like Z'enns. Martial knowledge and catalyst. To do this we either need to have to have a sacrificial Ice/Ice Necro with catalys and MK, or we push those sets onto the healers, and then use Warmachine on some necros to get our Major Slayer buff. We use a Sorcerer main tank to get hold of crystal weapons and Tremmorscale for the extra penetration, a Warden Ice/Ice tank for the brittle and Our off healer can be either warden or Templar based on what your team needs. 4 necros for major vulnerability uptime and a support DK for the 100% stagger uptime. You can always swap the sorcerer on main tank for a Sorcerer DD and have any main tank you need, for example Dragonknight for the shields and CC.

Setup 3: Defensive Mixed group:
• Main Tank (Dragonknight): Bani's Torment + Grave Guardian + Vykosa
• Off Tank (Nightblade/Any): Vrol's Command + Sanctuary + Lady Thorn

• Group healer (Templar): Gossmer (Lightning back bar) + Hiti/Winter's respite (with a Nightblade Tank) OR Mending( no nightblade tank) + Master's resto staff + Bogdan's Nightflame/Troll King
• 2nd Healer (Warden): Spellpower Cure + Healer's Habit (Both bars) + Symphony of Blades

• Ice/Ice (Necro/warden): Catalyst + Master architect (Ice Back bar) + Maelstrom Ice staff + Lord wardens
• Stagger Support (Stam Dragonknight): Alkosh + Warmachine + Any monster set

• 6 DDs, trying to get all 6 classes and as many necros as possible.


Ideally raids are all magika or all stamina due to penetration differences and Class buffs and sets. But if we have a mixed team we just need to focus on getting all the classes. Everything else is extra, and Ice/Ice Necro and a stagger stam DK support are great ways of getting some of our offensive buffs while getting our tanks and healers go full defensive. With all of these defensive buffs, we can reduce the damage we take by over 70%. Making the high damage trials a lot easier to live through. The only oddity here is the nightblade off tank, we want to get the minor cowardice buff, this comes from either the mending(healing mage) set OR the nightblade's syphon power skill. So if you do have a Nightblade tank you DON'T need mending, otherwise mending is better to use than hiti or winter's respite.
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