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Set and build guide for Post CP-geddon (Flames of Ambition) Endgame raiding

11 Mar 2021 16:32
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Set and build guide for Post CP-geddon (Flames of Ambition) Endgame raiding #125596
Sets for Flames of Oblivion DLC have had a shift due to the fact that we take more damage, do less damage and are generally running “Parse food” (Max and regen of a resource, no max health) so we need less resource helping sets.

BIG BIG note: This is a generic guide NOT a requirement in any form. Alith prides itself on have as few requirements for content and raids as possible, we do not require sets for ANY of out trials, this is just to show you some options you have.

BIG Note: If you truly want to optimise your builds, you should do so for each trial separately, some trials have certain damage types, mechanic focusses or other effects that mean certain sets are very strong (Like gossmer in Kyne's Agies) or some sets are really bad (Like relequen's in Sunspire). I will be giving generic builds for this patch, if you want more information on builds for specific trials, please feel free contact me on discord (@Tolandro(chris)).

Note: as of the release patch, 2x daggers are out preforming all the destro staffs for Magika DPS, As such you would use 2x daggers front bar and Maelstrom (flame) staff back bar. I personally expect ZOS to change this in the future so I wont include this in this guide. The difference is marginal and only holds true on the Iron Atronach and in raids.

When it comes to sets it is very easy to feel that by maximising your own DPS it will be better for the group, however Increasing your DPS by 10% isn't worth it if you can increase everyone elses DPS by 3% or keep everyone alive, as such we want to work together to get the groups dps higher, rather than focusing on our own. The list of sets is split between Max damage and Defence. Whether you focus on Damage of defence is up to the group, but there is no harm in mixing and matching.

Max damage support sets:
Here is a list of the damage support sets we want in trials, and the roles and classes that can use them effectively. I will give some example raid setups latter. Please keep in mind that maximising damage isn't always the best idea, sometimes we want to maximise defence or use a mixture.

• Yolnahkrin: The only Source of Minor courage (weapon and spell damage) in the game.
Worn by: Tanks (Front bar)

• Alkosh: Gives up to 3000 penetration on targets hit, required for a group to hit penetration cap without them using penetration sets
Worn by: Tanks (Front bar, jewellery required) and Stamina DDs (Front bar)

• Torug's Pact: Increases Enchantments strength. Specifically the crusher enchant which increases penetration on the target. As well as weakening enchant that reduces the enemy's damage done.
Worn by: Tanks (Back Bar), rarely healers (front bar).

• Powerful Assault: Increases weapon and spell damage of you and 5 other people.
Worn by: Tanks and healers (Back Bar, Jewellery required)

• Kinra's Wrath: Gives you Major berserk and you and your team minor berserk (10%/5% damage)
Worn by: Tanks, Bow/Bow or Support Stam DDs

• Galenwea: Gives teammates empower (increased heavy and light attack damage) on block
Worn by: Main Tank

• Worm cult: Increases magika regen for the whole raid
Worn by Tanks (Front bar, jewellery required) and healers (Front bar)

• Hircen's Veener: Increases stamina regen for the whole raid
Worn by: Tanks (Front bar, jewellery required) and healers (front bar, jewellery required)

• Spellpower Cure: Gives major courage (don't use with Olorime) increases weapon and spell damage
Worn by: Healer (Front bar)

• Olorime's vestment: Gives major courage (don't use with Spellpower cure) increases weapon and spell damage
Worn by: Healers (Back bar)

• Jorvuld's Guidance: Increases buff length, works well with Roaring opportunists and warden healers.
Worn By: Healers (Front bar, can be back barred if required)

• Roaring Opportunists: gives major slayer (10% damage) to 6 people (can be proced twice for the whole team), Basically requires to be paired with jorvuld's guidance.
Worn by: Healers (Back bar)

• Hollowfang: Gives increased healing and magika to the group. Most versatile back bar healing set (works with every other set)
Worn by: Healers (Back bar)

• Catalyst: Gives 3% crit damage on a target for each elemental type of damage it is hit by, this set require A LOT of set up so requires the following:
- A Necromancer DD with Forcepulse + Graveyard + shock syphon + shock glyph
- A healer or DD with the Vatershan destro staff (In this case use a back bar set but on the resto bar instead of the destro bar.)
- A Sorcerer with double inferno staffs and double frost glyphs
Worn by: Healers and Necro/Sorc/Vatershan DDs (Front bar)

• Z'enns : Gives 1% damage based on the number of DOTs you have on the target (up to 5%), This set has A LOT of set up so requires the following:
- A Magika Dragonknight DD/healer with Fire enchantment + Barbed trap + Burning ember + Engulfing Flames + Scalding rune + Burning Talons/Scalding rune/Poison rune Degeneration/Destructive touch
- A Templar Healer/DD with Fire and Poison enchants + Barbed trap + Vampire's bane + Degeneration + Destructive touch (DOT morph)/ Scalding rune
- A Warden healer/DD with Fire and poison enchants + Barbed trap + Fetter swarm + Degeneration + Destructive touch (DOT morph)/ Scalding rune
Worn by: Magika Dragonknight (back bar), Templar/warden/Dragonknight healers (back bar)

• Martial Knowledge: Gives 8% damage on a target if you light attack the target while your stamina is low, this set is VERY hard to use.
Worn by: Templar/Warden (off)healers (front bar), Z'enns+MK MagDK (front bar)

• Ice staffs (Any sets): Having an Ice destro staff on BOTH bars (cannot be 1 barred) gives your team 10% crit damage on targets hit by ice skills. This requires Ice skills so can't be used on all classes effectively.
Worn by: Double Ice staff tanks (Very hard), Double ice staff warden healer (Extremely hard), Magika Necromancer (with catalyst), Magika Warden

• Warmachine (for stamina DDs)/ Master Architect (for magika DDs): Gives Major slayer after casting your ultimate.
Worn by: Tanks/Healers (rarley, back bar), Support Necromancer DDs, Support Stam DK (back bar).

Max damage Monster sets and staffs:

• Encratis' Behemoth: Gives an aura of fire resistance and fire damage.
Worn by: Magika Dragonknights, Healers (if required with fire staff)

• Bloodspawn: Used for ultimate gain (for more warhorns and colossuses)
Worn by: Tanks

• Sentinel of Rkugamaz: Regeneration AOE
Worn by: Group healer

• Symphony of Blades: Regeneration for low resources players
Worn by: Healers, Tanks (if necessary)

• Tremmorscale: Reduces physical resistances on taunt. Used for helping stamina DDs
Worn by: Tanks

• Master's restoration staff: Gives resources on illustrious healing cast
Worn by: Healers

• Vatershan Destro staff: Applies all 3 elemental damage types on elemental drain cast, used to proc catalyst
Worn by: Catalyst users

• Vatershan Restoration staff: Casts a resources beam on force syphon cast, highest resource staff
Worn by: Group Healers

Defence support sets:
Some of the harder raids will require a much stronger defence than offence, the following sets will help your team survive the high damage raids:

• Vrol's: Gives major Aegis (10% damage reduction) to theraid when you use a heavy attack:
Worn by: Tanks (back bar (used on Sheild bar))

• Automated Defence (Tanks)/ Inventor's Guard (healers): Gives Major Aegis to half the raid on ultimate cast
Worn by: Tanks (back bar), healers (rarely, back bar)

• Bani's torment: Applys major maim (10% damage reduction) and increases your healing taken
Worn by: Tanks

• Grave Guardian: Increases resistances of nearby players while blocking
Worn by: Tanks

• Mending (Healing mage): Reduces enemy damage done when using AOE heals
Worn by: Healers, Tanks (rarely)

• Sanctuary: Increases healing received for the whole raid
Worn By: Healers (front bar), Tanks (front bar, requires jewellery)

• Healers' Habit: Increases healing done with minor mending(8%) and an additional 5%
Worn by: Non-templar healers (Front bar, can be back barred (on resto staff), Templars get minor mending from passives so isn't as good on them)

• Gossmer: Reduces AOE damage taken when healing
Worn by: Healers (Back bar)

Monster sets and staffs

• Earthgore: Emergency heal on low health target
Worn by: Tanks (for themselves), Healers (for the team)

• Encratis's Behemoth: Reduces fire damage taken and increases fire damage done
Worn by: Dragonknight Tanks, Magika Dragonknights, Healers (rarely, requires fire staff)

• Iceheart: Damage sheild when you crit
Worn by: DDs for self defence

• Lady Thorn: Applys an AOE Major maim on synergy use.
Worn by: Main Tank

• Lord Warden: Casts AOE of resistances under you
Worn by: Group healer, Off tanks, Main tank (if they need resistances), Support Builds

• Bogdan's Nightflame: AOE healing totem
Worn by: Healers

• Trollking: Increased health regen on low health targets when healing
Worn by: Off tank, Healers

• Thurvokun: Large AOE maim circle.
Worn by: Tanks (when you have no access to AOE Maim)

• Vykosa: Applies major cowardice (reduces damage) on a bash
Worn by: Main tank

Basic Tank setups:

As a tank, we ideally (but not necessarily) want to maximise our DDs output and Defences. As such we aim to use our sets to buff them and not ourselves. Here are 2 options (there are MANY more so don't feel forced into these) you can try as a Main tank and Off tank pair:

Offensive build:
Main tank: Yolnahkrin + Powerful Assault (Ice back bar) + Any Monster set**/Master's 1 hand and Sheild
Off tank: Torug's Pact*+ Kinra's Wrath/Powerful assault + Any Monster set**

* Torug's is great with 2 handed weapons, so IF (and only if) you want, you can try double Ice staffs (no shields) and use a crusher and a weakening enchant. Otherwise, just use weakening on your staff and crusher on your 1 handed weapon.
** We want the behemoth monster set somewhere, any call can proc this with Scalding rune (mages guild line) but it is best on a Dragonknight tank if you have one.
Defensive Setup:
Main tank: Bani + Grave Guardian +Vykosa/Master's 1hand and shield
Off tank: Vrol's + Sanctuary + Lord Warden/Lady Thorn/ Thurvokun

Healer setups:

Similar to tanks, with the large amount of over healing eso we can focus less on maximum healing output, and focus on maximising HPS. Again we can choose offensive or defensive options or a mix. Here are 2 options you can (but don't have to) use.

Offensive Setups
Group Healer: Spellpower Cure(Both bars)/Olorime (Back bar) + Worm(Front bar)/Holofang(Back bar)/Powerful assault (Back bar) + Master's resto staff (if possible) + Sentinel
2nd Healer: Roaring opportunist (back bar)+ Jorvuld's Guidance + Vatershan Resto staff + Symphony of Blades

Defensive Setups:
Group Healer: Mending(Back bar) + Gossmer (Any staff, both bar) + Vatershan/master's resto staff (if possible) + Bogdan's/Lord wardens
2nd healer: Spell power cure(Both bars)/Olorime (Back bar) + Sanctuary (Both bars)/Hiti(Back bar)/ Winter's Respite(back bar)/Healer's Habit (both bars, non-templars) + Master's resto staff (if possible) + Trollking

DD sets:
As a DD, you have 2 main choices, do I max my own DPS, or do I support my team. Neither option is right or wrong, its just a personal choice. If you want to maximise your own damage the following builds are very strong:

Magika DDs
Bosses: Mother's Sorrow + Siroria's (Flame Back bar)+ Maelstrom flame staff + Z'aans/Grothdar
Trash fights: Medusa + Mother's Sorrow (Flame Front bar only) + Master's Lightning staff + Grothdar
Stamina DDs
Boss: Relequen's + Advancing Yokeda (Back bar only)+ Maelstrom Bow + Selene's/Marrslock
Trash fights: Lokkeseti + Deadly Strike (Back bar) + Maelstrom bow + Double crit/Selene's

It is important to recognise though that Magika and stamina regen are very high this patch BECAUSE we can use “Parse food” to get massive amounts of regenerate as well as Symphony of Blades, sentinel and minor magikasteal. If you don't have these you will need a sustain set (Fales Gods or Vicious Ophidian)

If however you want to support the team with a support build, here are some of the main ones:
• Ice/Ice Catalyst (MagNecro with either arena staff or MagSorc with vatershan staff): Catalyst + Master Archetect/False God's (Ice Back bar) + Vatershan/Maelstrom ice staff + Lord Warden's/Illambris

The Vatershan staff deals all 3 types of damage as a beam, which helps improve the uprimes of each of the catalyst procs. You can choose between Master architect and false gods based on if the group has roaring opportunist or not (Master architect does not stack with roaring opportunist as they are the same buff)

• Z'enns Mag DK: Elfbane/Martial Knowledge + Z'enns (Flame front bar, fire enchant) + Maelstrom Flame staff (poison enchant) + Grothdar/Encratis's Behemoth

Z'enns requires dots, and Mag Dks are amazing Dot users, Elfbane helps with DOT uptimes while Martial knowledge is a hard to use way to get another 8% DPS. It takes a lot of practise to use martial knowledge as a DK. Encratis's Behemoth gives even more flame damage and requires fire damage to proc, so the Z'enns DK is a great place to use it.

•Stagger Support (Stam Dragonknight): Kinra's Wrath + Warmachine + Any Monster set.

The Stone Giant skill is the on;y place that grants stagger, an affect that increases the damage from ALL sources by a flat number. As it has a cast time it is very dangerous for a tank to go for 100% uptime, instead we can use a support StamDK to maximise the buff AND use Kinra's Wrath and Warmachine.

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