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A Post CP-geddon (Flames of Ambition) Set Guide for Learning Veteran Raids

10 Mar 2021 18:27
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A Post CP-geddon (Flames of Ambition) Set Guide for Learning Veteran Raids #125591
BIG Note: In Alith we do not focus on sets. meaning we won't require or force people to wear certain sets. This guide is to help you understand why we try to mix and match certain sets but by no means is this a requirement for joining our raids. feel free to turn up in any sets to our raid!

Ambition of Flames is a massive change to the game that affected CP, Health, Damage and Damage taken. As such the sets that we use have changed as well. Before I get started a few things to keep in mind:

1) Nearly every set in this game is worth using in the right situation, just because your favourite set isn't mentioned doesn't mean it isn't good, but that other sets are more versatile or powerful in dungeons and raids specifically.

2) This guide is for newer players or players starting their journey through the ESO raids. As such the sets are more about self reliance and less about teamwork, a second guide about more optimised raid builds can be found here [insert URL]

3) This guide isn't for Overworld, Solo arenas, PvP or Optimised for damage raids where different setups and sets are powerful. Though feel free to ask me about these through discord :)


Tanks were hit pretty hard this patch, specifically if your CP is below 1000. This was due to an increase in incoming damage and the much higher CP requirement to get the same mitigation (damage reduction) as last patch. As such we want to focus on survivability while we learn mechanics and ways to reduce our incoming damage.

Minor Aegis:
Minor Aegis is one of the most powerful 3 piece bonuses you can get in the game. Even though 5% doesn't sound a lot, when paired with CP and resistances it is very powerful. As you can only get the minor Aegis buff from sets in certain raids they can be hard to get hold off, but are worth the effort.

• Yolnakrin (Sunspire): Buffs your team's DPS and gives Minor Aegis

• Vrol's (Kyne's Aegis): Buffs your team's defences and gives you Minor Aegis

• Automated defence (Halls of Fabrication): Buffs your team's Defence and gives you minor aegis.

Hitting the maximum resistance in PvE (PvP can be higher due to penetration) can be very hard. You can use the following sets to buff your resistances to get as close as you can:

• Brass Fortress (craftable): Lots of resistances

• Grave Guardian (Unhallowed Grave): Lots of resistances to you and your team when blocking

Other good sets:
These sets offer a variety of useful affects that help you survive.

• Beekeeper (greenshade): Large amount of health regen

• Warrior Poet (Vardenfell): Gives the minor toughness buff (+10% max health)

• Eternal Warrior (Hel Ra Citadel): If your health is low gives you an emergency heal:
Monster Sets and Arena weapons:

• Lord Wardens (Imperial city prison): Resistances

• Earthgore (Bloodroot forge): Emergency heal when low health

• Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch II): resources, resistances and ultimate regen

• Trollking (Blessed crucible): Health regen

• Stone Giant: resources

Master's one hand and shield (Dragonstar Arena): Resistances and a heal.


Healing in ESO is a very weird learning curve. But while learning the trials and dungeons is best to focus more on doing as much healing as possible, and less on complex sets and buff paterns.

Heals Per second sets:
The bigger the heals the better!

• Sanctuary (Banished Cells): Increases everyone's healing received

• Healer's Habit (Dragonstar Arena): Increases your healing done (best on non-templars)

• Winterborn (Western Skyrim): AOE healing circle

• Hiti (Icereach): AOE Healing circle.

• Hollowfang (Moongrave fane): Increases healing received and gives people magika

Easy to use sets:
Sets that don't have any special requirements mean you only have to focus on healing and nothing else.

• Worm Cult (Vaults of madness): Mana regen to everyone.

• Spellpower cure (White Gold Tower): Increases damage to everyone healed.

• Gosmmer (Cradle of shadows): Reduces AOE damage taken for people healed.

Monster sets and Arena Items:

• Troll King (Blessed crusible): Health regen when healing people

• Earthgore (Bloodroot Forge): Emergence heal on low health people

• Bogdan's Nightflame (Elden hollow II): Healing AOE

Magika DPS:

This patch there will be a lot more focus on fully completing mechanics instead of standing still and parsing through the damage, hence sets that are easy to use will be far more useful while learning content, even if that would mean a DPS drop.

General sets:
Works for every class

• Mother's Sorrow (Deshan): Amazing spell critical set

• False God's (Sunspire): Reduces spell costs and gives you magika and movement speed

• New Moon Acolyte (Craftable): Good spell damage set

• Crafty Alfiq (Craftable): Good Magika stat set

• Julianous (Craftable): Okay spell damage set

• Medusa (Arx Corinium): Gives you minor force (+10% crit damage) needs to be on jewlery

Class Specific Sets:
Have certain qualities that only work with a few classes:

Pets are a big part or sorcs, so pet sets are good here.

• Necropotence (Riverspire): Good Magika stat set.

• The Cauldron (Blackwood): Increases Pet damage done

Have a lot of fire based abilities.

• Elf Bane (PvP): Increases duration of Fire dots.

• Silks of the sun (Stonefalls): Increases fire damage skills.

Have access to a lot of magic damage (no element) skills.

• Warmadiens (Vvardenfell): Increases damage of magic damage skills

Monstersets and Arena weapons:

• Grothdar: Melee Ranged Fire AOE

• Z'aans: Medium ranged fire DOT

• Maw of the Infernal: Deadroth pet

Stamina DPS

Being a stamina DD is going to be a worthy challenge this patch as being in such a short range means that you will haven even more attacks to block and dodge, as such any set that makes your life easier will be a great help.

• Hunding's Rage (Craftable): Good Weapon crit set

• Briar Heart (Wrothgar): Gives weapon damage and heals you

• Viscous Ophida (Sanctum Ophidia): Reduces skill cost and gives Stamina and movement speed.

• Leviathan (Crypt of hearts): Good Weapon crit set

• Spriggans (Bankorai): Weapon Penetration

• Deadly strike (PvP): Increases poison, disease and bleed damage done.

• Morag Tong (PvP): Increases Poison and disease damage done by your group.

• New Moon's Acolyte (Craftable): Good weapon damage set

• Draugr Hulk (Direfrost keep): Okay stamina stat set.

Monster Sets and Arena weapons:

Maelstrom Bow (Maelstrom Arena): Makes arrow barrage/endless hail stronger.

Master's Bow (Dragonstar Arena): Makes your poison injection stronger.

Selene's (Selene's web): AOE damage

Velidreth's (Cradle of shadow's): Damage Proc

Shoulder and head of crit (No complete set) Slimecraw + Grundwolf (Banished cells I and Moongrave Fane): Flat Crit stats.
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