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Witches festival social event
Raid Leader: @Pema
Saturday 24 October 2020, 08:30pm

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Good folk of Alith Legion! 
It's that time of year again, the creepy crawlers come out and we have to hunt them down. 
Our social will be containing the following elements: 

  • Musical Chairs, yes we were listening and dancing you shall
  • Dueling, bring your best dueling character
  • Guild anouncements, as often in these events the new sweetroll recepie will be unvealed and more. 

Ofcourse there will be prizes to be earned, gold for the winners and the memories for the not winners


  • It's advised to set up your discord before hand, this will make it more fun and easier to communicate. 
  • Bring any character you want. 
  • Bring soulgems and some food/drinks for your character
  • It's advised to turn off big addons like mastger mechant, raid notifier etc. this will help with reducing lag 

We hope to see lots of you there!
The Alith Legion officer team


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Location : Tamriel
Raid Leader: @Pema
2nd Raid Leader:
Creepy outfits totally allowed!