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Teatime in Tamriel: Summerset - Relic Hunters!
Raid Leader: @LJRosh
Wednesday 29 July 2020, 07:00pm - 08:00pm

Teatime in Tamriel is our new social gathering event. It’s a chance for guildies to hang out in members lounge and chat about stuff. The main aim is to give new members of the guild a chance to ask any questions of officers or our more senior members, find out about us, our members and our events and just get acquainted with Alith Legion so they can settle in a little easier.

One or more of our officers will be hanging out in Members Lounge on discord, so drop in and say hello, tell us what you’ve been doing in game, what you’re aiming to do. Group up and explore together, or just chat whilst you’re doing your own thing.

I'll be doing various content that is often overlooked, perhaps we'll slay some world bosses, or farm daily quests in oft ignored zones, maybe we'll do some duelling or head to Craglorn for some group content. The possibilities are endless but there's no pressure to join in and there are no specific requirements!


Location : Discord: Members Lounge (Across Tamriel, and anywhere in the World!)
Raid Leader: @LJRosh
2nd Raid Leader:
Today we'll be on the hunt for the stolen relics of Summmerset!

20 thieves guild dead drops to find and a furnishing reward at the end!
'Fan of the False Face'

Make sure you have completed the quest 'the queens decree'and have access to Artaeum before we begin as that's where we start the quest for the artefacts!
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