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This run Is a learning run for all levels, explaining how raids work this patch, the end of Mag vs Stam, Penetration, Crit cap and most importantly:

Support setups

In this new era of ESO, the gear supports where HIGHLy affects your own build (as much as that may be a bad thing). So we will go over the following before the raid:

1) Support sets (who what where ehn and most importantly why)
2) Crit cap (Warhorn vs Catalyst vs Backstaber vs shadow vs Kitty Templars vs Full medium)
3) Build goals, indervidual and raid
4) Class distribution (what is nearly necessary and what is just optimising)
5) Bahsei's vs Wormcult. the war of the resources
6) Kinras vs Combat Prayer, an ode to Healers best skill
7) Maw of teh infernal: Do YOU hate your tank?

Finally Ill hold a small Q and A on builds. but i can answer the most common question here:
Q: What build is Best in slot for my [insert class and mag/stam here]
A: Kinras + Bahsei's + Maw/Kilt/Velidreth/Slime/Deathdealer's fete (except templars that use Deadly + Kinras/bashei's)
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
Saturday 13 November 2021, 20:30 - 22:30
Location : Craglorn
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
2nd Raid Leader: @Tolandro(Chris)
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Tick.png '10-11-2021 22:00' Tank Max Reserve DPS Im actually a DD but didnt change the setu to only have 1 tank space
Tick.png '11-11-2021 08:50' Tank 1150+ Reserve Healer First time tanking a raid, so don't yell at me pls :D
Tick.png '13-11-2021 10:02' Healer can't remember Non Reserve
Tick.png '13-11-2021 10:42' DPS 2200+ Reserve Tank
Tick.png '13-11-2021 14:04' DPS 1550+ Reserve Tank
Tick.png '13-11-2021 16:59' DPS 1465? Non Reserve Yo! Woot! We be Jammin;!
Tick.png '13-11-2021 20:12' DPS 1300? Non Reserve
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