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Casual crazy raid: Battleground Blast!

Am I the only one who wants there to be Fall Guys styled parkore game in battlegrounds... I mean knocking people off ledges with skills sounds so stupid xDDDD. Seriously imagine all the warden and Dk shinanigans you could have oh oh oh and UNDo could be broken. Wait what if we used 1 blink sorc and 3 wardens with chain heal thingy skill and had a sorc sledge? that would be amazing. insta win every time. Nah but really the eso Jump is so underused that we could turn it into a minigame to rival its a wipeout. absolutley no one would play it but it would be so fun for like 3 mins....

But anyway battlegorunds anyone?

Raid Leader: @Tolandro
Sunday 10 October 2021, 20:30 - 22:30
Location : Some daedric arena,. probably Thalmore territory as thats where true deamons live.
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
2nd Raid Leader: @Tolandro(Chris)
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