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Late Night vCR+X Project

Welcome to the 2nd Project, we will be spending the next 4 weeks ( till the 10th of Jully) seeing how far we can get in Cloudrest!

The Goal of this project is to be more organised, strict and goal orientated than normal veteran runs by exploring and using raid techniques like CLASS raid set-ips (Classes, Loaction, Addons, Sets, Skills) and more disiplind leading.


However, as the goal is to clear vCR multiple times, some preperation is asked for (I will never demand anything from you but I may suggest builds/guides/set-ups that are aimed to help you in raids. These are not demands but advice.

Below is some of the preperations you can do to be ready for vCR!

• Potions, Soulgems, Repairkits, poisons and any other consumable ready to go:

• Champion points (vCR is a magic damage trial so use elemental agies, Backstaber is also usable here)

• GOLD WEAPONS (I can't stress enough how important gold weapons are, if you need help getting materials please ask for help. I am sure we can work something out)

• Sets (Mention in the Notes if you are using a support set so we have as few overlaps as possible)

• Read Mechanics . It helps speed up the raid as I can do less explaining.

• message me on discord if you have ANY questions. @Tolandro(Chris)

Lets go teach Z'maja why Salty raiders are Toxic to Slug-Toads (Slug + Toad = Sload FYI)

Raid Leader: @Tolandro
Saturday 19 June 2021, 23:00
Location : Cloudrest
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
2nd Raid Leader: @Tolandro(Chris)
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Tick.png '09-06-2021 10:49' DPS 1300 Reserve Tank
I Am Tiagha
Tick.png '10-06-2021 19:40' Healer 1100+ Non Reserve
Tick.png '11-06-2021 17:51' Healer 1200 Non Reserve can kite or GH, all classes
Tick.png '11-06-2021 21:45' DPS 900 Reserve Healer
Tick.png '12-06-2021 03:16' DPS 1100 Non Reserve
Tick.png '14-06-2021 18:20' DPS 1300 Reserve Tank
Tick.png '14-06-2021 19:52' DPS 1200+ Reserve Healer
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