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Raiding 101: Blackwood AMA Edition

Welcome to Blackwood, We have so many changes this patch that I thought it a great idea to do AMA (Ask me anything) for raiding at any level this patch. So if you have ANY questions in PvE stuff drop by and we can help! Topics I will likely go over (but definitley not restricted to) are:

• Champion Points 2.1 

• New gear sets

• Magika Vs Stamina

• Raid group set up CLASS (Classes, Locations, Addons, Skills, Sets) 

• Maelstrom/Vatershan Completion builds

• Rockgrove

• Dummy Parses (and why they are simultaneously ultra important.... but the worst things ever and irrelevant)

Though slightly outdated, these 3 guides are a great read for new raiders to give you a boost!

Tl;Dr Sets Guide

Set guide for 12 person raid groups
(Not Sahxleel's and Stone-Talker's Oath are not included but will be soon)

Class and skill Guide for 12 person raids

Useful Addons (needs updating)

I also Have files about builds that i can send over discord, so feel free to ask (even if you don't come to the event)

Raid Leader: @Tolandro
Saturday 12 June 2021, 20:30 - 22:30
Location : Rhoswyn's House/Rockgrove
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
2nd Raid Leader: @Tolandro(Chris)
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