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Casual Crazy Raid: Achievement Hunters Down under!
There are some very dumb achivements in ESO, some require near perfect precicion and 100000000 dps. But others require you to dome some dumb, silly and even crazy things. So our goal will be to go into some trials and dungeons and get those achievements by cheesing the system!
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
Sunday 02 May 2021, 20:30 - 22:30
Location : Wherever there are achievements to be had
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
2nd Raid Leader: @Tolandro(Chris)
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Tick.png '30-04-2021 12:39' DPS 1255
Tick.png '01-05-2021 18:25' DPS 1387 Play any role
Tick.png '02-05-2021 10:14' Tank 1100+ Depending on what we end up doing, I might want to come on my main, as it may be achevements this one does not have
Tick.png '02-05-2021 12:14' DPS 1260+
Tick.png '02-05-2021 12:19' DPS 1800+
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