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Casual Crazy Raid: Formula 1 Tamriel
Ever wanted to show your dungeon prowess? Want to show that you are the incarnation os Sonic the hedghog and Speedy Gonzalez? well here is your chance! We will be making up teams of 4 and taking on each other for a race to the finish!
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
Sunday 11 April 2021, 20:30 - 22:30
Location : Dungeons and Arenas
Raid Leader: @Tolandro
2nd Raid Leader: @Tolandro(Chris)
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Tick.png '04-04-2021 22:19' Reserve 1.2k Reserve Healer
Tick.png '09-04-2021 18:22' Healer 1130- ish Reserve DPS
Tick.png '11-04-2021 16:07' DPS 1470 Non Reserve
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