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ESO Birthday social

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Dear Alithians! 
Another trip around the sun for ESO!
And what better way to celebrate then to shamelessly do daylies and take all the free loot we can while eating cake! 

We'll be doing the daylie worldboss and delve quest in: Murkmire, Goldcoast & Hew's Bane 
For the people who enjoy some PVP we'll take the last 30 minutes to dive into some battlegrounds for the daylie quests there. 


  • For acces to the zone's ESO+ or owning them is required. (murkmire, dark brotherhood and thieves guild)
  • It's advised to set up your discord before hand, this will make it more fun and easier to communicate. 
  • Bring any character you want(for battleground lvl 10+). 
  • Bring soulgems and some food/drinks for your character
  • It's advised to turn off big addons like mastger mechant, raid notifier etc. this will help with reducing lag 

We hope to see lots of you there!
The Alith Legion officer team


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Raid Leader: @Pema
Sunday 04 April 2021, 13:00 - 15:00
Location : Tamriel
Raid Leader: @Pema
2nd Raid Leader: Pema
All the world is a cake and all the eaters are celebrants of ESO!