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  • Saying Goodbye to a Friend - RIP Gitt

    Saying Goodbye to a Friend - RIP Gitt

  • Witches festival social

    Witches festival social

  • Three years a Legion

    Three years a Legion

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Witches festival 2020

Yesterday Alith Legion and the ESO community said our goodbye's to one of our members Gitt who passed away on the 31st Dec 2020. We held a memorial for Gitt in a game he loved and sent him off to Sovngarde accompanied by stories from his life long friends Vimman & Jerry. Gitt leaves behind his wife, 4 children and 5 grandchildren and all of us here in Alith send our heartfelt condolences the best way we know how and in a way Gitt would have enjoyed, within ESO. You will be missed buddy.

Thanks to all who who joined us and to Wolfie for the video above for any who missed it. 


Rainbow & The Alith Legion Officers

Alith Legion Header News

Alith's witches festival social event  2020

Witches festival 2020

This year's witches festival social event consisted of musical chairs followed by a proper duel. 
Many guildies came to join us in celebration and cheering. 
We had to spread the dueling over several arena's!
Many good duels were fought leaving the result shown below. 

Soon we'll have a follow up: Naked dueling! 

Dueling results

Thanks to all who came out for this event and the guild news that followed! 


Rainbow & The Alith Legion Officers

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